Question: I'm interested in coaching, how do I become a coach?

Answer: The Sartell Area Youth Football Association is always looking for new volunteers to help coach.  If you are interested, please use the coaches registration button located on the home page. A background check will be performed and a concussion certification will be required. Past coaching experience is not necessary to coach in our association.


Question: Can I request that my son or daughter play on the same team as his/her friend(s)?

Answer: We do player evaluations in grades 3 - 6, so we are not able to accommodate special requests on these levels.


Question: How and when are teams developed?

Answer: The first week of practice includes an evaluation day. During this time, the kids are evaluated in a number of different drills. The players weight and average skill level is then used to create teams that are as even as possible. This process helps prevent super teams and increases enjoyment of all games. Teams are announced the beginning of the second week of practice.