Question: What equipment is provided by the The Sartell Area Youth Football Association, and what equipment do players need to provide?

Answer: The association provides players with the following: jerseys, helmet, shoulder pads, football pants w/pads and a mouth guard. Players need to provide football shoes (any rubber cleated shoes such as baseball or soccer shoes are also okay). NO METAL CLEATS.

Flag football players will be provided a jersey and flags. Parents will be responsible to provide cleats and a soft helmet. Click here to see helmet policy and find examples.


Question: How is equipment distributed?

Answer: Equipment handout is generally held on the Wednesday evening prior to the first practice. A quick meeting will be held followed by equipment fitting and handout. 


Question: When is equipment returned and what are the expectations?

Answer: Equipment return is generally the Monday after MEA weekend. All equipment is expected to be clean and dry. Please remove the name strip off of the helmet prior to return. If equipment is not returned, a fee may be charged.


Question: Does SAYFA allow contact

Answer: Yes, as a learning organization, we work very hard on developing proper techniques in blocking and tackling. As mentioned above, players are fully padded.